White Matter manufactures a comprehensive suite of scalable tools built for working neuroscientists. Our eCube series allows for unprecedented experimental design, giving you the freedom to run multiple experiments from one rig and across different species.

eCube Server

Highly integrated system managing up to 10 separate experiments, with multiple researchers independently controlling start and stop times. Designed to be paired with the smallest, lightest, and most modular headstages in the world.

eCube Headstages

The smallest, lightest, and most modular headstages in the world, with tethered and wireless configurations ranging from 32 - 640 channels per headstage.

e3 Vision

High definition networked video cameras with millisecond-precise synchronization. Record simultaneously from any number of cameras, for multi-view 3D tracking of behavior.


Test the impedance and quality of any electrode, including high impedance single unit electrodes, tetrodes and silicon electrode arrays with up to 64 channels. It's fast and accurate: testing 64 channels takes just 30 seconds!


Tethers, headstage testers, electrode interface boards, BNC breakout boards, etc.