e3 Vision

Scalable video made easy.

High definition networked video cameras with millisecond-precise synchronization. Record simultaneously from any number of cameras, for multi-view 3D tracking of behavior.

Multi-user, multi-experiment, multi-view.

  • Control securely and access remotely.

  • Combine arbitrary sets of cameras across users.

  • Pair different host systems with different sets of cameras

Made for Research

e3 Vision Security Cameras Machine Vision Cameras
On-camera compression

15 cameras per hub, up to 4 hubs per gigabit network

10-50 cameras on separate switches on network

1-2 cameras fills up a gigabit network

Frame synchronization

One-click synchronized recordings for all cameras

Clock differences cause seconds of video drift over hours, cannot be synchronized with neural data

Can be synchronized using a separate sync cable

Ease of use

Single cable handles data, power, and sync

Single data / power cable, not synchronized

Separate data / power, and sync cables


Full automation with Python, MATLAB, or Javascript

Proprietary GUI, not easily integrated with experiments

Depends on manufacturer

Secure remote access

Local only or self-hosted remote control options. Authenticated login and encrypted control of cameras.

Cloud-based remote access and storage not suitable for human or animal research recordings

Can usually only be viewed or controlled by the recording PC, authentication generally not supported

  • e3 Vision camera

  • e3 Vision hub with proprietary sync + power + data

  • High flexibility ethernet cables

  • GoPro mounts

  • Lifetime supported free recording software + HTTP API + Python SDK