About Us

Located in Seattle, Washington, White Matter LLC manufactures sophisticated data acquisition devices for neuroscience research. White Matter has grown from a two person hobby company founded in 2010, to a team of dedicated engineers and neuroscientists with a passion for brain research.

Our eCube electrophysiology system provide researchers with an unparalleled ability to acquire, process and analyze thousands of channels of neural data with the smallest and lightest digital headstages on the market. We offer a complete ecosystem of scalable electrophysiology products that exceed the needs of the most ambitious neuroscientist. That’s why over 1,000 research laboratories around the world choose White Matter.

Our Values


Our products are without peer: if you can buy it elsewhere, we probably don’t make it.


We meet or exceed our advertised specifications.


A deep understanding of customer’s needs with unfailing support as those needs evolve.


Robust hardware = data reliability, with extended product warranties that reflect the quality of our products.